Authors: Lena M. Johnson, Joseph D. Slater, J.L. Zenor
Editor: Brittany J. Thurman
Compiled by: J.L. Zenor

This project started when the three of us decided to all try to get a story included in a short story anthology together. The subject was Weird Westerns, which none of us are all that great at, but we gave it a shot anyway. We had a great time writing our stories and seeing a project through to completion. The moment of truth, where we finally got to submit the stories, came, and there was much rejoicing.

Then we all got the rejection notice.

While that was sad, we really couldn’t find many other anthologies where the story would fit, and printing a short story is relatively expensive for such a short story. So we decided to put together our own anthology, and to start a tradition.

This is the first of the Midnight Writer’s Anthologies, a collection of short stories from the members of our group. Enjoy!

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