So you want your story to be accepted...

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So you want your story to be accepted...

Post by JL Zenor » Fri Mar 10, 2017 5:13 pm

This is an open letter to everyone out there that wants to submit a story to an anthology, to an agent/publisher, or pretty much anywhere.

If you don't care about your story, then why should anybody else?

I know it takes a while to write a story (for most of us, at least), and editing is such a pain in the butt! We would all rather write the first perfect draft and submit it, getting it off our plate and onto someone else's as quickly as possible. But the reality is that first drafts, ALL first drafts, are garbage. There may be a great story in there, but all the garbage around it is keeping it from shining through.

The truth is, you NEED to spend that time cleaning it up. Make sure there are no obvious errors. We're not talking about hiring a full editor or anything, the anthology or who you are submitting to should help take care of that. But read through the story a few times. Pay special attention to the words used and catch most of the mistakes.

The person you are submitting your story to doesn't know how awesome your story is, or any of the other hundred stories they have to read through in that day. They are looking for stories that captivate them and they hope will captivate their readers. And if you have all that garbage that you send in with your story, how are they supposed to love your story? Sure, they will work with you to clean up the story, but you have to impress them first, to show them that you love the story at least as much as you're asking them to love it.

And if you love your story, wouldn't you take the time to make it look as good as you can before you present it to the person that you want to love it too? Wouldn't you take the time to make sure that your story meets with what the editor is looking for to give your story the best chance to be loved?

So, if you don't care about your story enough to at least make it look as nice as you can before you present it to people, why bother wasting their time by sending them your unloved garbage?

Read through your story a few times and make sure it looks the best that you can before you send it to someone else!
And read their submission guidelines. They present them for a reason. If you can't be bothered to take the 2 minutes to read the guidelines and make sure your story meets them, why should they be bothered to spend half an hour reading your story?
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Re: So you want your story to be accepted...

Post by RonfarZ3 » Sat Mar 11, 2017 4:33 am

Here's some more advice on how you can be accepted!

Writer Rant #001: Follow the Rules -
3 Simple Tips when submitting to an anthology - ... anthology/
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