14er Climber
Rocket Scientist
Published Novelist
Movie Connoisseur
Amateur Photographer

Benjamin M. Weilert was born in Colorado in 1985.
While he went to school for Mechanical Engineering (eventually earning a Master's Degree), he has found science to be interesting enough to write fiction about it. He likes to classify his novels as "science fantasy", wherein the science is real and (semi) accurate, but portrayed in a fantasy setting to make it accessible to non-scientific readers.

Every novel he has ever written has been done during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). He has won the challenge five times in a row, and plans to win for many more years. Currently, he is the Municipal Liaison for the Colorado Springs region: helping other novelists find their story and write it down.

Website: Cinema Connections

Twitter: @BMWtheCreative

Facebook: BMWtheAuthor