2018 Anthology Submissions

Welcome to the Alpacalypse

Submission due date: April 30, 2018

See the rules and details on Anthology Gateway.

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Our writing group occasionally puts together an anthology which allows us to share our short stories in one collection. This gives the reader a better bang for their buck as printing a single small story is expensive compared to the size of the story.

Who are we?

It is our goal to help our members achieve their goals as writers, as well as to share what we are learning as writers with everyone.

We started out by meeting and working together during several NaNoWriMo events and then we decided that our awesome writing get together's didn't have to end on November 30th. So we formed our own writing group to encourage each other to continue working on our book projects throughout the year.

Soon after that we decided that it would be fun to start publishing collections and anthologies together, as well as having a group author table at conventions to sell all our works.

And that's how Midnight Writers Society got started. If you want to join us, find us at conventions in and around the Colorado Springs or Denver areas.

Join our Community

It is our goal to not just help out the members of our writing group, but to share what we are learning with others. To that end, we created a forum where writers can gather together and discuss what they are learning and ask questions. Please, come share what you have learned and partake in what we are learning as we aim to launch our own writing careers.